Are you a collector ? This Grand old Lady was made in Scotland in 1915, Singer 66K, with a vertical lift, by pushing down the machine slips easily away and the top flaps closes over the opening, to bring the machine back into the sewing posit

Sewing Leather Sewing with Leather Leather can be a tricky material to sew with and may take a bit of practice before you feel confident in using it.  If you using very lightweight leather (or vinyl) which is no more than 3oz (0.2g) t

Spiral Coasters
Tea brewing temperatures Tea brewing temperatures   Nothing to do with sewing?  Well not really, there is nothing better than a good cup of tea to rest the creative mind. So ditch the teabag and make a proper cuppa   But before you ge

The New Designer Epic Home Sew is pleased to announce the release of one of Husqvarna Vikings finest machines… the DESIGNER EPIC™ If it’s in your mind, it’s now in your hands. Designer Epic   The reimagined DESIGNER EPIC™