Pfaff Creative Icon

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The all-new Pfaff creative icon coming soon to Home Sew Aspley Brisbane.

Product Description

The all-new PFAFF Creative Icon and available at Home Sew Aspley Brisbane

Pfaff icon

Key Features

750 Embroidery Designs
Craft your creative designs with 27 built-in embroidery techniques; which include 790 embroidery designs (42 designs exclusive to the Creative Icon) and unique stitches such as Triple Ribbon, Lace and Off-the-edge techniques.

Bigger and Brighter Work space
View your project over a wide area of up to 12.2 inches from needle to arm and 5.5 inches of height. The Pfaff Creative Icon also features advanced lighting, pioneered at the most needed points to accommodate any project.

Creative icon

Creative icon

Enhanced ActivStitch Technology
Create embroidery designs on even the most challenging fabrics or luxury threads such as metallic. The fabrics thickness is measured by the enhanced ActivStitch sensors which help to equalise the amount of thread between needles and bobbin threads, helping you to achieve exquisite results on both sides of the fabrics.

Most Expansive Tablet-Like Display
The Pfaff Creative Icon features a 10.1-inch full-colour screen for creativity, ease and personalisation. The tablet-like display interacts using swipe, zoom and pinch motions to take your designs to the next level.

Power and Stability
With the most forceful needle pressure (150 nwt), you can make the most of your creativity with toughest fabrics. The Pfaff creative Icon also reduces vibration which gives you more stability to recreates the more precise designs.

WiFi & MySewNet
Keep your machine updated with the latest software via WiFi. Keep your designs online with mySewnet cloud storage and Pfaff ImageSitch for integrated apps which keeps you connected and updated with your projects.

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